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About Us


CAREERZ INN have built up strong partnerships with companies in India and will be elaborating it abroad soon; helped build successful companies by identifying the best candidates for them. With human capital being the most valuable asset for your company today. We at Careerz Inn make sure that you get the best in the business. Our wide suite of services lets you leverage your company’s human capital and optimise the performance of your employees.

Our services have developed based on international best practices and learning’s from the assignments executed by us and are adapted to suit our clients’ businesses. Be it the right talent for your organization, or a cost-effective consulting solution, or a training program, or solutions for enhancing your HR processes, our services are customized just for you. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to shape the world of work and we achieve this through our vision of finding jobs for people and candidates for clients. Our vision for the future is further endorsed by our core and positive values:

To achieve:

We are experts. We know our clients, their companies, our candidates and our business. In our business it’s often the details which count the most to serve you in the best way.

To serve you :
We achieve this through a spirit of excellent service and great enthusiasm exceeding the core requirements of our industry.

To trust and be trustworthy:
We are respectful. We value our relationships and treat people well. We believe that trust means to be trustworthy as well.

Simultaneous promotion of interests of all:
We see the bigger picture. Our business must always benefit society as a whole. And should always contribute towards the development of the society.

Striving to be perfect:
We always seek to improve and innovate new ideas and projects. We’re here to delight our clients and candidates in everything we do, right down to the smallest detail. This gives us the edge. And transparency is the word which we follow strongly.